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Philippe Duteil – “Les grandes bouches”

Un bâtiment dans le Sud Ouest de la France

Un bâtiment dans le Sud Ouest de la France

« 10 months ago, we bought a 1860 house whose history is really complicated, oddly complicated: in the last 6 years, several of its occupants had fallen out with each other, separated or got ill when they were about to buy the house.

Even though it is a beautiful and welcoming house, we still had the feeling of not being at home.

The result was astonishing 3 days after the visit of the geopractitioner. When I entered the house at around 8:00 am to start working, I had a very clear feeling of peace, even sweetness, and for the first time I let myself wander within its walls and take a break in the living room.

Perhaps I wouldn’t have noticed, if around 10:00 am, my neighbor, who was passing by, told me that the house was different and that I had taken it over now.

From him, it was quite an unusual comment so it really struck me.

Since then, my feeling of peace has grown stronger and my Cartesian mind has to accept that my house is better. »


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