Géobiologie - Géopractie™ Ou l'art de réguler le réseau géomagnétique primaire

Mireille Parmentier

Un restaurant du Sud de la France

Un restaurant du Sud de la France« I bought a house in Carcassonne, and since the first days I was feeling unwell and it was getting worse day by day: insomnia, suicidal ideas, nausea that prevents me from eating, incoherent speech according to my social circle.

The geopractitioner went everywhere, make me throw out certain objects, dug into the ground to insert copper tubes (surprising work!). For a week, I sweated a lot at night and lost 4 kilos of water.

My very affectionate little dog was really depressed, refused to eat, was going all around the house without finding his place and couldn’t stay on the terrace. Now he spends all day there!

My strength is coming back and I feel better in my house (I wanted to burn it!). And my little pet is a bundle of joy at home.

I certify that this is true.

And I encourage you to continue such a delicate work that will help any person who has experienced the same situation as me. »


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