Géobiologie - Géopractie™ Ou l'art de réguler le réseau géomagnétique primaire

Jeanine Lortal-Dam

Institut de beauté dans le Sud-Ouest de la France

Institut de beauté dans le Sud-Ouest de la France

« Before : on February 1990, my first night in my brand-new house was horrible: at 1 o’clock in the morning I would have anxiety, nightmares (lights that were paralyzing me), and this happened for 13 years, always at the same time. I was very tired at work.

My dog, who was adorable in my former flat, went mad when he was alone in the house: each room was ransacked, the curtains ripped, the shower hose torn off, the doors scratched. We had to part with him and give the dog to my parents where he was run over.

After : no more nightmares. My daughter’s dog can be left alone in the house.

I am often away from home and I found in my mailbox letters asking if the house was for sale… »


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