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Famille V – Val D’oise – 2020 – (France)

Hello Mr Mounié, I hope you and your loved ones are doing well.

Here is the feedback following your intervention with us last January (in the Val d’Oise). I was about to write it by July to give you a first glance, but I did not do it right away because the changes that followed your intervention were mixed.

After your arrival, we immediately felt a sense of well-being in the house, like a sweetness of life. Our daughters got a really good night’s sleep and I had fewer headaches. Then, between April and September, there were tensions at home, things that certainly had to be said and taken into account by each of us. Then for a few weeks, we were serene again, my husband who had small health problems is much better, he has regained his health (in particular his liver problems which he were ongoing  for 10 years! As well as his fatigue which faded at the same time). We have the impression that our house is filled with “good vibes” as time goes by. Each of us are experiencing success in different areas, which gives us a certain confidence in ourselves and for future. I don’t know if this is a normal process or if it should have been felt more quickly, but what is certain is that we see a difference between before and after your intervention.

I allowed myself to give your contact details to my hypnotherapist who is also very interested. We thank you very much for your intervention, your professionalism and your kindness.

Sincerely yours the V. Family.