Géobiologie - Géopractie™ Ou l'art de réguler le réseau géomagnétique primaire

Elisabeth C.

Corps de ferme du Sud de la France

Corps de ferme du Sud de la France

« It is undeniable that Mr Mounié’s intervention on my house completely changed my life in many ways. I always felt that there was a problem with this house. I felt like my energy was “drained.” Whatever I did in my professional, personal or love life went wrong after a few months and for no apparent reason. Even my health was affected (no less than 6 surgeries in 11 years).

As I couldn’t move house, I used the services of several geobiologists, applied the Feng Shui rules, etc. But nothing worked.

Then Mr Mounié came and only a few days after his intervention I felt peaceful again at home. My social circle has expanded; my friends are coming to my house now and told me that they are feeling good in it. The house is a meeting place now where conferences and training courses are organized. I handle multiple concurrent professional activities and no longer encounter barriers. The things are easier, less laborious than before, I even have the sensation that things, people and events arrive at the right time.

8 months after the geopractie intervention, I am still surprised to finally live “normally” and have the fortune to my side. I encouraged several members of my entourage to do the same work on their house and they could all feel the same benefits.

Thank you, Mr Mounié, for your great research in this field, your dedication and your humanity. »


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