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Christophe T – Oise – 2020 – (France)

Following an improvement  made by Mr Dominique Mounié in our property, my whole family ended up feeling its benefits and repercussions at all levels (professional (therefore financial), social, health, school …)

Having been completely emptied of my moral energy and physical by the telluric disturbances which reigned, I am now full of “joie de vivre” and I have retrieved  my soul’s builder. My house is getting better every day, the humidity and cold sensations have completely disappeared. Even the perpetual cracks in my old ceilings have vanished for good. We also feel a peace of mind everywhere. The positive impact even had repercussions on my neighboring neighbors who were also suffering from serious problems. Many thanks, to Mr Mounié, for his support, in one of the worst critical moments of our life. Christophe T – Oise -FRANCE