Géobiologie - Géopractie™ Ou l'art de réguler le réseau géomagnétique primaire

Caroline Geiss – Ariège – FRANCE – Oct 2017

I wish to share my story and my experience following the event and the intervention 
of Dominique Mounié. We lived in the mountains and had 120 rather rustic goats. 
After our move and the arrival of the goats on this new place, it was really awfull,
 the goats fought, and died consequently from their wounds in the goat shed.
 They were excited and very nervous. We noticed that the whole family was in bad shape, 
joint problems, tiredness etc ... The diagnosis of Dominique Mounié shown that it was important
 to quickly do something for the farm land . So he went and did his job, it was a real 
relief for everyone and especially for our  herd. a couple of days after the goats became calm, 
soothed, relieved and finally they rested. The whole farm was transformed.
 I think that without the intervention of Dominique Mounié we would have lost all our goats. 

Thank you a thousand times and I will be forever grateful.