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A.M – Luxembourg – Feb 2019

Hello Dominique, I am writing to you after your visit not to testify but simply to thank you. Six months ago, you came to us following a recommendation. Our beautiful house we had built in a quiet area had everything to be a house of happiness. It was the opposite. Three months after moving in, started the beginning of a long list of more serious events than each other: infidelities, inconsistent behaviors, diagnosis of a serious neurodegenerative disease, severe allergies, financial problems, very poor sleep and the general impression of not being able to chill out in this place. You were our last resort, we were ready to sell. Your remote diagnosis, established following the sending of samples, revealed alarming levels of energy pollution and we decided, despite our Cartesianism, to ask you to intervene more than 800 km from your home. 25 copper rods and 6 months later, here is the result of your intervention. Our family is radiant and soothed. We sleep serenely and our 9 year old son stopped waking up two to three times a night, too. Inconsistent behaviors disappeared as well as financial problems (we even received unexpected tax refunds). The house is “bright” and several friends asked us what we had changed. The air is lighter and we can spend hours together reading or playing a board game. Clinical tests show that the neurodegenerative disease diagnosed does not evolve and in some ways it seems to be regressing. We have only one regret, that of having waited 6 years between the time we moved in and when we consulted you. We have neighbors who live the same nightmare lived and they refuse to do anything because, like us before them, they have a long university background, in a world that does not prepare to accept what we can sometimes does not understand.