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Negative green radiation and its effects

Negative green radiation appears in the color spectrum between black and white. It’s a metallic green, almost phosphorescent and invisible to the naked eye. Some insects and animals can see it, however.


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Subsoils are full of cracks, gas pockets, water in all its forms and metals. This does not usually deregulate terrestrial electromagnetic fields as Nature manages them well. Problems – sometimes disastrous – begin when humans construct a building, regardless of its size, the materials used or its waveform. These geological factors can cause a disturbance in the direction electromagnetic currents. Where two lines intersect when being reversed compared to their original orientation, a reverse vortex forms at their intersection and gives off green negative radiation. Some places are infested. In French specialist jargon, they are known as “houses which kill”.


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Green negative causes degradation, joint pain, general tiredness, insomnia, irritability in children, cancers, multiple sclerosis and many other illnesses. Green negative dries and mummifies bodies. It may also cause severe depression, nocturnal agitation, nightmares and unjustified quarrels in couples. Strange events such as feeling a presence in some places may occur. Animal behave oddly and plants die. Stores go bankrupt as instinctively customers do not enter. Promising companies fail to compete and the list goes on…

Items in the house, or artifacts we regularily wear can produce negative green radiation.Fortunately it can be detected and corrected.

Customer testimonials

Yves Dominique Audollent

Jewelry designer

Yves Dominique Audollent

« I am a jewelry designer and my workshop is part of an isolated house. A geopractitioner came to check and rebalance the place. He told me that cracking sounds could occur during the following days, which did happen 2 days after his coming. Then, the house was cooler and more agreeable. I had a bad year workwise and it got better after that. »   You also want to witness the benefits of geopractie ? Thank you for sharing your experience via the contact page

Sylvie Claude Sundberg

Co-President of the hamlet of Baluet

« I the undersigned, Sylvie Claude Sunberg, co-president of the association La Sauce Baluet, certify that I used the services of Dominique Mounié in January 2008 in order to solve problems among the population of the hamlet. Indeed, for some time, increasingly violent conflicts were left without solutions, inhabitants suffered physical injuries (fractures, sprains, burns), we suffered a fire which could have been the end of the project and we were stuck in our efforts because of a general slump and malaise. After several interventions on buildings in the hamlet, I could only note the significant improvement of the atmosphere and...

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