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Negative green radiation and its effects

Negative green radiation appears in the color spectrum between black and white. It’s a metallic green, almost phosphorescent and invisible to the naked eye. Some insects and animals can see it, however.


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Subsoils are full of cracks, gas pockets, water in all its forms and metals. This does not usually deregulate terrestrial electromagnetic fields as Nature manages them well. Problems – sometimes disastrous – begin when humans construct a building, regardless of its size, the materials used or its waveform. These geological factors can cause a disturbance in the direction electromagnetic currents. Where two lines intersect when being reversed compared to their original orientation, a reverse vortex forms at their intersection and gives off green negative radiation. Some places are infested. In French specialist jargon, they are known as “houses which kill”.


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Green negative causes degradation, joint pain, general tiredness, insomnia, irritability in children, cancers, multiple sclerosis and many other illnesses. Green negative dries and mummifies bodies. It may also cause severe depression, nocturnal agitation, nightmares and unjustified quarrels in couples. Strange events such as feeling a presence in some places may occur. Animal behave oddly and plants die. Stores go bankrupt as instinctively customers do not enter. Promising companies fail to compete and the list goes on…

Items in the house, or artifacts we regularily wear can produce negative green radiation.Fortunately it can be detected and corrected.

Customer testimonials

Caroline Geiss – Ariège – FRANCE – Oct 2017

I wish to share my story and my experience following the event and the intervention of Dominique Mounié. We lived in the mountains and had 120 rather rustic goats. After our move and the arrival of the goats on this new place, it was really awfull, the goats fought, and died consequently from their wounds in the goat shed. They were excited and very nervous. We noticed that the whole family was in bad shape, joint problems, tiredness etc ... The diagnosis of Dominique Mounié shown that it was important to quickly do something for the farm land . So he...

Jacques Célarier


« First, I want you to know that, since your intervention in my restaurant in June 2007, and with the appropriate perspective, the tensions among the staff are over and the turnover has increased significantly (+15-20 %) since the end of 2007 in a sustainable way. Otherwise, I am writing to ask you if a second intervention could be helpful as the kitchen team was entirely renewed during the last 3 months. Waiting for your response, kindly, J. Célarier. » You also want to witness the benefits of geopractie ? Thank you for sharing your experience via the contact page

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