Géobiologie - Géopractie™ Ou l'art de réguler le réseau géomagnétique primaire

Nicole, Narbonne (11)

Résidence sur la côte d'azur

". Nothing was going well in my house or in my life. I couldn't stay in certain rooms or do anything. Every time my children came to my house, we would fight; and my private life was very chaotic. Since the geopractitioner came to work on my house and its grounds, my life has changed to be as it should be. I can welcome my children without fearing the bad course of the day or meals; I can stay anywhere I want in my house without feeling the need to flee elsewhere and my personal life is back to normal, with good relations with my social circle. So today I could recommend calling a geopractitioner to anyone; to find a peaceful life or to be advised about a place if there is any doubt. " You also want to witness the benefits of geopractie ? Thank you for sharing your experience via the contact page