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Famille V – Val D’oise – 2020 – (France)

Hello Mr Mounié, I hope you and your loved ones are doing well. Here is the feedback following your intervention with us last January (in the Val d'Oise). I was about to write it by July to give you a first glance, but I did not do it right away because the changes that followed your intervention were mixed. After your arrival, we immediately felt a sense of well-being in the house, like a sweetness of life. Our daughters got a really good night's sleep and I had fewer headaches. Then, between April and September, there were tensions at home, things that certainly had to be said and taken into account by each of us. Then for a few weeks, we were serene again, my husband who had small health problems is much better, he has regained his health (in particular his liver problems which he were ongoing  for 10 years! As well as his fatigue which faded at the same time). We have the impression that our house is filled with "good vibes" as time goes by. Each of us are experiencing success in different areas, which gives us a certain confidence in ourselves and for future. I don't know...

Christophe T – Oise – 2020 – (France)

Following an improvement  made by Mr Dominique Mounié in our property, my whole family ended up feeling its benefits and repercussions at all levels (professional (therefore financial), social, health, school ...) Having been completely emptied of my moral energy and physical by the telluric disturbances which reigned, I am now full of "joie de vivre" and I have retrieved  my soul's builder. My house is getting better every day, the humidity and cold sensations have completely disappeared. Even the perpetual cracks in my old ceilings have vanished for good. We also feel a peace of mind everywhere. The positive impact even had repercussions on my neighboring neighbors who were also suffering from serious problems. Many thanks, to Mr Mounié, for his support, in one of the worst critical moments of our life. Christophe T - Oise -FRANCE

Olivier Eveno – Jan 2021- ( France)

" It feels good to recover a home"

Carine and Loic – Dec 2020 – (France)

We hope you had a bright Christmas holiday and that this end of  year is looming as serenely as possible. Here is a little live report from our home in Saint-Antonin... Because you warned us , we were not badly shaken up the first few days after your intervention at home. We lived it very well Since then, everything has calmed down and happily put into place! We feel extremely good here, the children as well. There is a serene, joyful, positive and creative atmosphere. We sleep very well (which is an achievement for me) ... And the cats adopted us ( photos attached below). Beautiful energy's waves accompany us. In short, we feel a lot of gratitude for your intervention Thank you! We will be very happy if you come to share a meal occasionally for you to figure out it by yourself. Carine and Loïc Tarn et Garonne.

A.M – Luxembourg – Feb 2019

Hello Dominique, I am writing to you after your visit not to testify but simply to thank you. Six months ago, you came to us following a recommendation. Our beautiful house we had built in a quiet area had everything to be a house of happiness. It was the opposite. Three months after moving in, started the beginning of a long list of more serious events than each other: infidelities, inconsistent behaviors, diagnosis of a serious neurodegenerative disease, severe allergies, financial problems, very poor sleep and the general impression of not being able to chill out in this place. You were our last resort, we were ready to sell. Your remote diagnosis, established following the sending of samples, revealed alarming levels of energy pollution and we decided, despite our Cartesianism, to ask you to intervene more than 800 km from your home. 25 copper rods and 6 months later, here is the result of your intervention. Our family is radiant and soothed. We sleep serenely and our 9 year old son stopped waking up two to three times a night, too. Inconsistent behaviors disappeared as well as financial problems (we even received unexpected tax refunds). The house is "bright" and several...

Caroline Geiss – Ariège – FRANCE – Oct 2017

I wish to share my story and my experience following the event and the intervention of Dominique Mounié. We lived in the mountains and had 120 rather rustic goats. After our move and the arrival of the goats on this new place, it was really awfull, the goats fought, and died consequently from their wounds in the goat shed. They were excited and very nervous. We noticed that the whole family was in bad shape, joint problems, tiredness etc ... The diagnosis of Dominique Mounié shown that it was important to quickly do something for the farm land . So he went and did his job, it was a real relief for everyone and especially for our herd. a couple of days after the goats became calm, soothed, relieved and finally they rested. The whole farm was transformed. I think that without the intervention of Dominique Mounié we would have lost all our goats. Thank you a thousand times and I will be forever grateful.