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Dominique Mounié géopracticien / géobiologue dans le Sud-Ouest

dominique_mounie Creator of the Géopractie™, Dominique Mounié is an essential reference in the world of Geopractie/geobiology. Living in the south-west of France he proceeds everywhere in the country and abroad as well for his contracts. Dominique Mounié wa seen on the TV show "enquêtes extraordinaires" with Stéphane Allix and on channel M6 or 6ter,in France, Belgium and Switzerland. We can found him and his work in the book titled "Les guerrisseurs de l'habitat" writen by Audrey Mouge.



Geopractie in the world: France/Corsica, Australia, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Luxemburg, Estonia, Algeria, Lebanon, Egypt, Chile, Bolivia, Switzerland.

M'appeler : 0619693732